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The Grants

photography by @brynleepaige_ on instagram

Garret grant

If you could sum Garret up with one word, it would be “good.” Because he is good to his very core. His efforts are genuine, his smile is sincere, and his actions are thoughtful. His goodness is what landed him the nickname “The Lighthouse,” because his warmth and light welcomes everyone in. Garret uplifts everyone around him.

Garret is an MIS graduate from Utah State University. He is passionate about computers, business ventures, and discussing ideas. Reserved in nature, he is very thoughtful in his responses. But if you get him talking about computers, the future, or the gospel of Jesus Christ, he’ll talk all night!

Garret enjoys playing basketball, building computers, and playing video, board, and outdoor games with his wife. If you can’t find Garret, he’s likely out adventuring with Calvin.

Mille is a half Dane, half American that searches for the good in life’s struggles. She’s known for her positivity and can-do attitude. She believes there’s no problem that can’t be solved with a little creativity and elbow grease.

Her real name is Millika and her friends call her Mill, though her extended family on both sides have always called her Mille. Since starting this blog, she’s chosen to go by Mille because sharing intimate details of her life felt like a thing you do with family, so why not go by her familial nickname?

She also graduated from Utah State University with a Marketing degree and loves all things branding. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite pastimes are eating out, snuggling with her family, kissing Calvie’s cheeks, and playing games with Garret. If you can’t find Mille, she’s likely snuggled up in bed (her favorite place in the house).

Mille Grant

Calvin grant

Calvin is our little miracle. He defied all odds when he joined our family. If his chatty personality doesn’t win you over, his three dimples certainly will! He’s our little Danish baby and makes every day so fun.

Calvin has what we call, “Reverse FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out). He wants everyone to be involved in his playtime and he absolutely doesn’t want anyone feeling left out. If you’re sitting on the chair while he’s playing, he’ll call you by name and take you by the hand to come and play. It doesn’t matter if mommy, daddy, auntie, and bedstie (grandma) are already on the floor with him. You can bet your last dollar he’ll go and get gwagwa (grandpa) too.

He is very intentional like his dad (things need to be done in a very thought-through manner) and direct like his mom (and he’s not afraid to tell you how to do it). He loves to snuggle, snack, read, and play with “babies” (anyone aged 0-4).

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