Mille Grant

IUI and More Bad News

IUI and More Bad News Did you know, a pig is pregnant for about 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days? In the time Garret was on his regimen of pills, one lucky pig mother had at least 10 babies. As I explained in the “Road to Diagnosis” blogpost, fertility treatments are EXPENSIVE, so in […]

Garret’s Thoughts

Garret’s Thoughts Some of the first thoughts that crossed my mind after I found out about my infertility were: I am failure. It is my fault. I am not manly. I am inadequate. I deserved this. I suck.   I thought that I had somehow deserved this fate. That it was punishment for not taking […]

Road to Diagnosis

Our Fertility Journey: Road to Diagnosis Before I begin with my usual narrative, let’s talk numbers for a minute. Our fertility doctor said: 16-20% of couples will get pregnant the first month of trying, about 50% will be pregnant by 6 months, and about 95-98% will be pregnant within 12 months. Other sources suggest: 33% […]

The Decision for Baby #2

Our Infertility Journey: The Decision for Baby #2 Both Garret and I are roughly two years a part from our siblings and we grew up the best friends. I’m not saying that you automatically are close due to small age gaps or that you can’t be close to siblings with larger age gaps (after all, […]

Our Miracle Baby

Our Miracle Baby If you read my last blogpost, you’d know that I essentially proposed to Garret because I wrote him a letter while we were on religious missions in different parts of the world, telling him that I wanted to get married in June 2018 (four months after I’d return home). Some people applaud […]

Our Beginning

Our Beginning I’ve thought a lot about how to start our story. It technically began in the 7th grade when my brother dared me to tease Garret (a stranger at this point in time) by calling him “Garebear.”  I could say it began when we first started hanging out. Well, we weren’t really hanging out. […]

Daisy: A Symbol of Hope

Daisy: A Symbol of Hope An old Celtic legend says daisies represent cheer. In Norse mythology, daisies symbolizes new beginnings. Romans believed daisies to be a symbol of transformation. For me, daisies are a symbol of hope. Someone recently explained to me that hope can be surmised by the phrase, “I can get to there […]